Organizational Processes for Leaders

Whether you are in the education field, the information technology field, the engineering field, a start-up, established company, or a non-profit, it is critical that you and your team identify the organizational processes necessary to reach your vision, purpose, and values. A great exercise to conduct with your leadership team is Top-Line/Bottom-Line Process activities. Thinking… Read more Organizational Processes for Leaders

Effective Collaboration

Some thoughts and advice to cultivating a community of practice–building effective collaboration techniques: Starting small does help, however, you can also be successful with larger groups as well. Listening and talking with others is a critical step.  The more feedback you can get the better. Pulling people into the center is also important.  Effective collaboration… Read more Effective Collaboration

Experts & Novices

Throughout time, expertise was gained through apprenticeship, it took time and effort to develop.  It was a necessity for future growth and earning.  But, what exactly makes someone as expert? Experts acquire extensive knowledge that affects what they notice and how they organize, represent, and interpret information about their environment.  This powers their abilities to… Read more Experts & Novices